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CAFIE – more than a CAFÉ

CAFIE is a restaurant in the heart of the Tyrolean district capital Imst, which has been delighting guests with a unique gastronomic experience since September 2016. WHAT’S NEW? CAFIE is your one-stop-shop for nutrition, health and well-being. Everything is made and prepared fresh, and we offer the best coffee in the city (made with the most important ingredient, Love). You can meet friends or make new ones, surf the Web with free WiFi, educate yourself about lifestyle, improving the world or just enjoy the moment.  COME AND JOIN US!

The idea behind CAFIE is based on three pillars:


We offer healthy food (breakfast, soups & salads), which are fresh and prepared with love, mainly from regional, organic and biodynamic products. We pay particular attention to making the best possible use of the seasonally available resources of each season for our soups and salads.


We organize CAFIE events focused on health, well-being and nutrition with the hope that some new idea or perspective will inspire you. Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment for you to study, socialize, network or spend a nice evening with your favorite book. If you’re looking for something new, we also have a miniature library for you to borrow from.


An elevated spirit awaits you when you walk into CAFIE. Our personalized style and interior provides a beautiful environment for relaxing with a cup of coffee, or grabbing a quick bite to fuel the rest of your day. In addition to our events and a monthly Virtue CAFIE, there is never a shortage of opportunities to participate in the CAFIE SPIRIT. BE A PART OF IT.


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